The Hemyock History and Archiving Association

The Hemyock History and Archiving Association arranges meetings in the Hemyock Church Rooms with interesting speakers talking on a range of subjects. Since relaunch of the group in 2007  there have been over 50 speakers, raising funds to maintain the Church Rooms and finance other activities. The group runs an archiving project to safeguard historic photos and documents held by the community. Regular archiving sessions are held at the Open Days at the Healthy Living Centre. The group trustees are Michael Cooper, Roger Lambert and Rev Chris Hudson. The archiving project website:

Steve Trick

In the 1990s Steve took an ‘A’ level in Archaeology and never looked back. He now works as a consultant archaeologist helping organisations develop projects with a heritage element. His specialisms lie in archaeological survey and mapping using technologies like GPS and Geographic Information Systems.

Andrew Read

A native of Somerset, Andrew was a student in Wales where his studies lead him through 19th century mortuary practise and on to War Memorials, eventually writing a Master’s Dissertation on the subject in 2011. Andrew is interested in just about everything and is currently working at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton. When he’s not out hunting for memorials he is a keen walker and guitarist.


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