Repairs to Membury War Memorial

Amidst the concerns regarding the protection and perpetuity of war memorials in the UK, there are bodies dedicated to their maintenance and longevity. The War Memorials Trust distributes grants for the upkeep of memorials, administering monies provided by English Heritage and the Wolfson Foundation. These are small grants up to £2,500 or large grants up to £30,000. To date they have helped maintain hundreds of memorials around the UK.

A memorial in the Blackdown Hills has been fortunate to receive money from this scheme. In 2010 parishioners in Membury applied for a small grant to repair their village memorial which had suffered severe frost damage to the steps. They were successful and received a grant of £1,380 which funded repairs to the steps using the local Tolcis stone.

Membury War Memorial

Membury War Memorial

You can read the full story in the Grants Showcase section of the War Memorials Trust website here:

If you are concerned about a local memorial then you might want to consider applying to the Trust for help. You can read more about the range of grants they offer here:

As part of our survey we record the condition of the memorials we catalogue. Encouragingly most of those so far encountered are in a good condition, especially the interior ones as to be expected. There are a few exterior ones however that are becoming very weathered and we will be forwarding a list of those most in need of attention to the War Memorials Trust.

Thank you to Ms Robson and Mr Tennant who told us about the works at Membury memorial.


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